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Popular Questions

How do I know which wash I need?
Our service advisors need to check your car before telling you which type of wash will be necessary. They are always happy to help.
Will the brush type wash scratch my car?
No. We use the MacNeil Tunnel Wash System, a system recognized as the most technologically advanced tunnel wash in the world. The "Envirosoft" foam is designed to provide a safe and effective wash, time after time.
Which service will get my car a complete and thorough interior clean instead of a quick wipe down?
Our full-service car wash options do provide inside vacuuming and a wipe down of the dash board, cup holders, and doors. If you'd like a more detailed clean interior, the Interior Super Clean is the choice for you.
What if I'm not happy with the service I received?
Please let a car wash manager know right away. We will take care of the problem!
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